Hi Tiger Tour Support

Description: sales person / manager : tour marketing sales / artist management (contracts / operations) Goal: national / international platform through touring engagements, regional bookings and special projects (see jackson mississippi - nyanen model)



Personal connection


Create tour strategy that compliments our goals around:

            production  - hi tiger as performance engagement vs. hi tiger as extended installation, 

            merch - creating hi tiger t-shirts, photos, zines - and recording for streaming

            engagement - booking / touring 

Stimulate Hi Tiger economy

Train Megan

Travel  /Connect

Create national / international platform that will impact social justice / activism work



Derek - personal history with cultural production, managment

Zero Station - facility, tech, location for creative production and merch (photo / video, printing)



Equality Maine / Maine Initiatives - describe current relationship

VIA - brand development / identity, implementation - media (online), material outreach


Training, outreach / relationship development, institutional partnering - working with constituents such as Overnight projects, visual aids, attend conference APAP, do regional shows (create regional audience), clean up material (contracts, web , promo, workshop info, etc.)

Train Megan:

include takeaway example, contact base example, cover letter example - hours per week

Assessment - next phase - how economy becomes sustainable - through percentages of performance fees going to pay for representation / management - (one year?)


move to percentage of booking away from hourly - two season phase?  year 1 / year 2 - move to operating support only or matching / in kind



Now to January - training / research

                  Identify Regional / national presenters

                 Build institutional / community partnerships (Jackson miss, OP, queer / POC network)

                 Solidify / consolidate material outreach - resolve issues around Derek's personal history vs. Hi Tiger history and the conversation between the two, product packaging - workshop / performance models

January - Conference? at least regional travel / showcase during conference?

Jan. - 



Hi Tiger:

arose from need to connect with voice as visual artist

started as post punk band

band fell apart

found way to adapt / transform

became installation

Memory palace - to VT - to we are ready - looking ahead - malleability of piece / ensemble - tiered partnerships based on capacity and goals


Megan D:



Budget notes

misc : phone? 

van: ?

AAA for a year?


Support Materials:

promo video (new)

black shoot

eva mueller

new hair photo

new nicole photo with wires

anything that isn't on EPK site

EPK site

older photos from Hi Tiger 1.0