“Young Harlequin Spinning The Wheel Of Fortune” Acrylic and mixed media collage on canvas 30" x 40" 2015

“Young Harlequin Spinning The Wheel Of Fortune”
Acrylic and mixed media collage on canvas
30" x 40"

A solo exhibition of recent work by

Opening Reception:
Friday, October 28, 2016
6 PM – 9 PM

Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 5; Saturday 10 - 2, and by appointment

Zero Station in collaboration with LeonidesArts (New York, NY) and East End Studio Gallery (Houston, TX) present “MYTHIC/POETIC,”, a solo exhibition featuring the recent work of multi-media painter Ricardo Osmondo Francis. 

Francis’ mixed media paintings and drawings are best described as lush surrealistic narratives that often depict the social constructs of racial identity, economics, and the complexity of human existence through portraits, still life, and abstract compositions. Inspired by Classical art, multi-ethnic antiquity, and present day advertisement imagery the paintings present a torrent of imagery culled from every possible corner of visual culture. Thick with an air of political and spiritual symbolism, Francis’ works project a variegated, questioning aura of sexual ambiguity and social identity in compositions saturated with allegory.

In addition to exhibiting works in galleries and museums both domestically and abroad, Ricardo Francis cofounded BLAFTCO, a Houston based alternative art group active through most of the 90’s as well as Apanamae Productions, which since 2000 has premiered art exhibits and performance art projects by the artist.  Francis served as Curator in Residence at the Hudson Pride Connections Center (Jersey City, NJ) from 2011 - 2013, and the Brooklyn Community Pride Center from 2012 - 2015. He is currently the Gallery Director of LeonidesArts NY, an artist run non-profit visual arts organization whose mission is to present contemporary art exhibitions and public art projects that reflects a variety of distinct artistic styles, disciplines, themes, and cultural experiences.

“MYTHIC/POETIC” will run through mid-December. The opening reception is free and open to the public.